Cable connections are hardly agreeable to the eyes. The good news is, wireless technology has changed your room into eye candy. Quite a few of the finest clutter-busting gadgets ever created are the cordless phone, the wireless router, and the Bluetooth dongle. Now another electronic marvel has come out — — so you could shift that large-screen LCD TV from your desk to your wall minus the hideous sight of dangling HDMI cables and wires.

With Wireless HDMI technology, you don’t have to drill holes and run cable connections from your DVR, HD DVD player, cable box, or game console to experience high-definition audio and video broadcasts in full 1080p on your TV. Wireless HDMI gadgets are fantastic for installations where your electronic digital components are located several feet apart — saving you a whole lot of time installing and connecting them.

Wireless HDMI is effective within distances of up to 30 feet – a fantastic option to laying down those undesirable cable connections around the side, up the ceiling or all the way through the divider, and into the adjacent area. This is superb for installations where you cannot keep all your HD devices in the same area.
Wireless HDMI
How does WIRELESS HDMI function? A gadget utilizes ultra-wideband radio frequencies to obtain huge quantities of audio and video information from an HD source such as a Blu-ray player and send 1080 progressive HD video to your HDTV or projector.

Still in its infancy, Wireless HDMI technology obviously had a few challenges with early gadgets that generated volatile video signals and was constrained to short-range coverage. And without having an official Wireless HDMI standard in place, consumer electronic corporations have resorted to utilizing their own proprietary technology; the ASUS Wireless Display Connectivity, LG Wireless 1080p, Philips Wireless HDTV Link, and Sony Bravia Wireless Link are a few of the more well known versions.

As upgrades to Wireless HDMI technology are being designed, it is anticipated that upcoming HD gadgets will normally include wireless connectivity functionality as well. The Gefen EXT-WHDMI Wireless HDMI Extender is one of the latest models that have presented real promise.